Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have a collection John Maxwell's books and this is one of my favorite. It was given to me during the first John Maxwell Leaders Training in the Philippines three years ago. It is loaded with unchanging leadership principles confirmed by the real-world experiences of John Maxwell and the many people he writes about.

If you want to be a leader – at home, at work, in church or any organization , this book is for you. Each chapter, John Maxwell goes straight to the heart of a profound leadership law, showing us the successes and failures of others and how they overcame those obstacles by applying the practical and down-to-earth leadership laws.

The book helped me a lot when I was on the process of organizing the Care groups for our young people and the leadership team who works with me. It is easy to read and provides a great vision as to who you are as a leader. I was able to finish reading it in a week.