Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The birthday boys

It's a joint celebration of me and my brother-in-law's birthday (May 2 & 3). He's the oldest of the 5 Bombeo boys. He's now 52 yrs. old and I am 41. We enjoyed the small get together with my wife, IJ & Dale. With us is my sister's brother, Bobby, his wife Vilma, and their children, Yan2x & Lolong.

Also with us is Janet, the wife of Jing2x and their children, Mark,Jim, Tawing & Job2x. Of course with some church's friends. It's a simple but lively celebration. We started it with Thanksgiving to God.

Birthdays always remind me of several important things about life:
1. That life is from God and we borrowed it from Him.
2. That God is the sole owner of our life & has the full authority over it.
3. That we are stewards of this life and we ought to take care of it.

So the next time we celebrate one's birhtday, we ought to first give God all the glory, honor and thanksgiving for He alone deserves it. He's the owner of our life and He must be thankful for His faithfulness in keeping every moment of our lives.