Friday, May 1, 2009


Have you seen this movie? I would like to commend this one for you to watch all lovers and couples alike. This will inspire you to draw near to God, the source of genuine love. Fireproofing your marriage? Try Jesus ! He will surely strengthen and protect your marriage from the fiery distraction of separation and divorce . When something is fireproof it doesn’t mean that fire is never going to come to it. It is that when fire comes you are going to be able to withstand the heat and that is the idea behind fireproof and the marriage analogy. It is not about whether or not flames are going to come to your marriage. It is about when they come can you stand the heat are you going to be able to with stand it and out last it.

Spend time with your partner and watch this movie, it will bring tears to your eyes. While me and my darling wife watched this movie, both of us were crying. I remember the first day I said to her I LOVE YOU and the hand of God guiding us for all these years of our marriage. We are truly blessed by this movie. Watch for it guys !


Familia Caballero in Vietnam said...

Jinggoy watched it already and he likes it so much.