Tuesday, May 26, 2009


One of the joys of life is that of sharing things with others. Parents know this. We frequently share things with our children. The things we give them range from small amount of cash now and then , clothes, toys all the way up to the transfer of large estates or inheritance.

I write this blog because I am surprised how my 13 year old son shares almost all that I have. He now used my shoes and my shirts. I was able to say yes, when he requested to swapped cell phones. Just this morning, he asked me if I am willing to let him borrow our car when his legal age to drive will come. I then replied, “I am not willing to let you drive but I am willing to buy you one if our budget allows”. Wow! What a promise.

It is not that I am beginning to spoiled him, but as a father it is my great joy to provide for our family. This is our ultimate goal why we work hard and earn – to provide a decent living to our families.

My greatest joy even greater that sharing material wealth is sharing a spiritual inheritance to my children. I could say that I am successful as a father and as a minister unless I could see my children serving the Lord .