Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Let's face it, there are many opprtunities for miscommunication in the family, and yet good communication is vitally important for strong and healthy relationship and especially to marriage.

1. LISTEN TO WHAT'S BEING SAID. Proverbs 18:13
The Bible says id we do not listen to one another, if we answer without listening, we are fools.
Do you remember when you were still dating? You talk about anything. Now, we are often
busy that we don't take time to talk and listen.

2. BE HONEST IN ALL YOU SAY. Proverbs 12:22
If ever there is a place where there must be honesty, it is the Home. Speak openly about
what you feel and what you think.

3. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK . Proverbs 15:28
It is easy to let our emotions, our weariness , our frustration to speake before our mind gets into gear. But the Bible says the wise man thinks before he speaks. The way you respond to a situation can make all the difference.

4. BE KIND IN WHAT YOU SAY. Proverbs 12:25
Put away filthy language in your mouth. Sometime you must be painfully honest . Its not always what you say, but the way you say it.

5. SAY KIND THINGS. Proverbs 27:5
Never miss an opportunity to encourage , build up the one you love, the one you care about.

I know these are difficult to do. I myself is on the process of applying them. Practice makes perfect.God did not give us the Spirit of timidity but the spirit of power, of love and of self- discipline.