Friday, May 29, 2009


“Life begins at forty “ they say… so as wearing eye glasses begins at 40. So here I am now with my new Rudy Project eye glasses. I never expect that I will someday wear this one. I can no longer bear preaching without eye glasses. The letters simply blurr especially at night time. There was an instance that I forgot my big lettered bible that I was forced to use my small lettered one. I really could not read any word. Thanks be t God that the verses was included on the LCD, it spared myself from embarrassment .

My wife encouraged me to consult an optometrist . My head aches everytime I read over 1 hour . For one month I experienced head aches every afternoon.

So here I am. Looking Genius….


iloikesfood said...

HAHAHA you're funny pastor john :)
i like them!
and the first time i saw those BIG LETTER BIBLES. I LOVED THEM. very very cool. and easy on the eye. i am only 21. and i like them.... what will happen when i'm ooooold?