Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Excercise within your backyard

How have you been lately? do you have a sedentary lifestyle? are you a couch potato? Get up and do something that's good for you and the environment.If you don't like to engage in anything that's related to fitness e.g. (biking, gym,jogging, aerobics...etc.), well, you are not hopeless! You can still get the benefits of these exercises, be fit and help our environment as well.The newest exercise today is called "GREEN GYM"! Well, there's still the gym word but you'll not go to the gym but instead to your garden. All you have to do is have some stretching first (head twist, arms rotation, trunk bending...the basic), then go...plowing, raking the dried fallen leaves, saw dead branches, bend down to pick stones, clean your surroundings...etc. It's still an exercise!Do it and you'll enjoy it. You contribute to the environment too!
Just today, Ienjoyed my GREEN GYM together with my Son and daughter. Its agreat exercise with a sense of fulfillment seeing those weeds gone and plants trimmed.