Sunday, May 31, 2009


No matter how cautious you are while driving, accident on the road is always probable . I was slowly and surely driving our motorbike last Saturday when suddenly ,an old woman ran through the road without looking at my direction. Praise God for the reflexes , I was able to brake and managed to balance the bike before it smashed to the ground at the right side. My 2 kids and my wife who were at my back were all ok (only my wife got bruises on her legs) . The woman on the other hand had only small cut on her toe but we still rushed her to the nearest hospital. We let her undergo X-ray and wound dressing. We even bought pain reliever for 6 days .My heart melt when the woman cried that she was the bread winner of the family while her son and husband are doing nothing for the family. So we gave her a small amount.

I greatly thank God for the miracle. Once again, God proved his omnipotence. His presence is 24/7 in our lives.

An hour after the accident, I called the body builder who did the painting of our car to rushed its completion. My wife and kids are a little bit trauma from the accident. It’s really better to drive a four wheel car than a two wheel.