Monday, May 4, 2009


I composed this song about five years ago. I was blessed by God with a heart to make music for Him. I didn't know that there was a global movement called "True Love Waits" at that time. We have done a movement here in Cagayan de Oro, especially in our church to reach out to the young people in this generation.

This movement focuses on the importance of having a godly perspective among the youth in the area of dating, sex and relationship, especially that there is a growing problem today with regards to teen pregnancy, pre-marital sex and teen suicide.

It is the Church's concern to be on the front telling and showing the young people that what they need is God's love and purely trust Him to order their desires so they can live a happy and victorious life.

We made this song as our theme song every time we have a "True Love Waits" symposium here in our place. We go to campuses in our city and conduct symposium, concerts and seminar to the young people regarding LOVE AND THE TRUTH ABOUT IT. We always emphasize to them the phrase, "WAIT FOR THE RING UNTIL YOU DO THE THING"!

Stanza I:
I believed, I’ll never find what true love is.
I kept searching for the truth, but hope just fades away.
Like a rain, that is gently pouring down.
You gently touch my heart and mend the broken part.

I never thought that You could love me
More than this world could ever offer.
You gave your life for everything and
You showed me the way.

Now I know what true love is…
It never ends; it’s still there beyond eternity.
Yes, I believe that true love is…
Will remain forever, though time and life may fade.
So when it seems you never knew it. Have the heart to search
And find it ‘coz True Love, True Love…
True Love waits.

Stanza II:
There are times, when I long for something else.
Like the dust in the wind. I never knew where it ends.
Then You came, took my hand and lead the way.
You soothed this aching heart of mine,
When Your love came down to shine.

Bridge I

Bridge II:
How can I compare a love so pure and free…
More than anything You gave Your Son/Love to me…