Monday, June 15, 2009


My Son and I were disappointed that the showing of Transformer : Revenge of the Fallen turned to be on June 24. As much as we wanted to see it on the first day of showing , we can not because it is still school days. My wife does not like the movie because she said it is too fictional and unrealistic…hahahahaha. The clatters and the blast of robot wars annoys her. She’s into love story, musical, martial arts and suspense movies. She said, she rather be at home blogging than watching this movie. Maybe it’s a Men thing.

Me and my Son is captivated with this movie , with its characters Optimus Prime, Rachet and Bumblebee. I am fascinated with its cinematography . It is truly entertaining.


jodi said...

well, naiintindihan ko si wifey mo kase babae sya kaya di nya gusto ang mga transformers na yan..

iloikesfood said...

i LOVED transformers! and am excited to see the next one! :)

iloikesfood said...

im sure it's not just a guy thing 8]