Sunday, June 14, 2009


Please do not mis-interpret me hahahahahahaha….. I am just a hands-on Daddy . Last Friday , while waiting for others to arrive for our leaders bonding, I came to have a glimpse of my little girls bangs. It was already long , so immediately I did a rush haircut outside our office. Believe me, Im good at it - ask my wife , my mom and my sisters. I am their beautician… oooopppsss I mean their hair cutter.
( My wife took this photo.I do not want to post this but she insisted.. so that others will see the lighter side of me.)


maxivelasco said...

it's cute! i mean, you are a great dad by doing so. i salute you!

yes, i am from the philippines. been living here in sweden for two years now.

have a great day!

by the way, can we exchange links? will surely apreciate it a lot.