Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Technology scares me. When 8-track tape playes became popular. I stuck with my record player. When cassette players became popular, I traded my record player for an 8-rack tape player. When CD’s became fashionable, I bought a cassette player . When DVD’s was the craze .. I am still with a CD player… hahahahaha. That was 8 years ago. Engaging into an Internet CafĂ© business opened my eyes with the technology. I learned that we should manage to stay updated to fit-in to this media driven world.

Today, I felt incomplete with-out using multi-media on my lectures ( Small group Bible studies are exempted and in cases of unavailability of LCD). I enjoyed preparing powerpoint, movie maker and uploading videos. I believed that we remember much more of what we both hear and see as opposed to only hearing or only seeing. Do you agree with me?