Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Additional things you do not know about me

Dear friends…this is another tell tale of my simple life which you do not know.

1. When I was on my 3rd grade in Elementary, my dad bought me a plastic toy gun. I just love that toy since I was the only one among my friends who had it. They just use banana stalks to design a toy gun for themselves. Proud is the word you could call me at that time. One day, as I was playing along the street, I ran back to our house to drink water when I suddenly remembered my beloved toy gun. I forgot it in the middle of the road! I hurriedly ran back to where I was playing and saw a school bus coming. My toy gun! That’s the first thing I thought seeing that the bus would hit it. I ran towards my toy and dove for it just in time for the bus to pass by. I literally went under the bus!

2. I had to be injected 21 times for anti-rabies vaccine. I was bitten by a puppy and two days after, the puppy died!

3. I use my left hand for writing only while I use my right hand for other things I do. There is a name they call it when a person is both left-handed and right-handed…knew it?