Friday, July 3, 2009


My mother was rushed to the hospital 2 days ago due to deficiency of POTASSIUM. She taught she had a mild stroke because she had a muscle spasms in her legs and twitches in her face. I was in our Intercessory Prayer meeting when my wife called but my cellphone was left in the car. It was only after the prayer that I knew. I accelerated my car’s kph to 100 to get to the hospital as early as possible.

There, lying on the emergency room was my mom.. very pale and weak. I tried to be strong for her but deep inside I am a little bit worried. She’s already 73 years old and has been in-and-out the hospital . I prayed for her and was greatly encouraged seeing her agreeing in faith with my prayer.

As of now she’s still in the hospital already stable and recovering. I am yet on the process of researching the cause and effect of having a Low Potassium in our body. Please help me in prayers.


Anonymous said...

hello bro,

ok ra na God is with everything and all, we survived the calamities in life..hhehhehe, but guapo at guapa pa rin tayo di ba.....

t mak ni oy, hehhehe