Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our much awaited dog is coming!

My son and my daughter once again reminded me to bring home the dog my friend promised to give us. It's a Japanese spitz. The moment they heard me telling them the news, they jump up and down with joy for they have been longing to own one. We all love pet dogs. We have attempted to raise 4 high bred puppies. but to our dismay, they just did not survive. They all died. We did our very best to take care of those precious puppies but to no avail. We once have a dalmatian pup, two Japanese spitz and one crossed-bred pup. We all missed them.

This time, my friend promised to give us an adult japanese spitz and not a pup. We are looking forward to bring him home and take care of him. My kids are so excited that they always ask me everytime we arrive if we have brought the dog. We always assured them that coming August, we will have one...and that would be one exciting, happy moment for all of us.