Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our youth of today

I will not forget the famous saying of Dr. Jose Rizal, "The youth is the hope of our Fatherland." As a pastor who overlooks the young people in our church, I can just at times shake my head in dismay seeing the downward sliding of morality of our youth today.
Two days ago, I ministered at a funeral service of the late father of our pastor in Maramag. While I was preaching, we heard a commotion outside and I briefly paused to know what it was. Upon looking outside the window, we saw a young man banging the closed door of a shop, shouting and cursing because of a fight with his girlfriend. While some of his companions, who seemed to be drunk cheered at him, seemingly enjoying what their buddy was doing. They just have been to a drinking spree from one of the Karaoke bars just near where we are having the funeral service! And what's surprising was, the bars were located a few feet from a University here in our place catering to its students and serving liqour and wine to minors!
It is both disturbing and alarming to know the slow destruction of the morality of our young people. It is really high time for the church, the family institution and the government to hold hand and join the fight against Immorality, alcoholism, drug addiction and other vices that is destroying our future generation. We must not allow ourselves to just leave our youth to wallow in the sin of carelessness and negligence on our part.
Yes they are the hope of our Fatherland, but let's fight the good fight of faith and save our young people from this moral degradation and malady.