Monday, August 31, 2009

First Dance

I watched my little princess dancing with joy and pride in my heart. She joined the Creative Arts Ministry 6 months ago for training. This Sunday’s worship service is her first time to dance during our Praise and Worship. I couldn’t resist to quickly take this picture not because I wanted to post it on my blog but as a souvenir of her FIRST DANCE.

She’s the youngest in the group at age 9. Every Saturday’s practice is an exciting moment for her. I greatly Praise God for the zeal in her heart. Thank You Lord for using her as your instrument of joy in Your kingdom.


The coming 2010 presidential elections is a crucial one. For the majority of our fellow Filipinos who are desperate for change, for solutions to the bragging problems our country is facing, we anchor our hopes and the dreams of our motherland to the promises given by the few who seemed to be the answer to our longing…our Political leaders.. But still to the many true blooded Pinoys, the question still remains as to “WHO” is really the better person to hold the reign of our government and effect real change in our society.

To all my beloved friends and fellow voters in Mindanao, I encourage you to visit Why is this? This is one site where you can access political and election related information to better prepare you for the coming elections. Having the right to vote and knowing the better person whom you will vote is a greater gain for every Filipino.

I have just signed-up a free account today and I easily got hooked for 3 hours browsing through various political issues and latest political news. Just learned through the site that Liberal Party decided the tandem of Nonoy Aquino (for President) and Mar Roxas (for Vice-President) . I also joined the political forum“ War @ Mindanao” and pointed out that hostilities in Mindanao is isolated in Sulu and Basilan. So there is nothing to be afraid of coming to our beloved Island. Inline to this , I posted my question to all presidential candidates “ What are their Peace and Reconciliation Program” for our beloved island – Mindanao. I hope I can get a satisfying answer tomorrow.

This is the site for us Pinoy. Be heard, be read and be part of the change our country needs. Join us in

Gone are the days that Mindanaoans were left behind. Let us be wise enough to choose our leaders in the 2010 presidential elections. is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Heart of Worship

Welcome to our City

The City of Cagayan de Oro is the business center of Northern Mindanao, categorized as a first class city. It lies along the northern coastline on the island of Mindanao, the Philippine’s exotic southern island. CDO is one of the Philippines' most progressive cities . It’s a coastal city facing the Macajalar Bay. Several creeks and rivers run through the city. The southern portion of the city is dominated by hills, gorges, plateaus and mountain ranges of Bukidnon province.

The city is known by many names such as "Gateway to Northern Mindanao" because of its location and good transportation facilities, "City of Whitewater Rafting and River Trekking" and “A City in Bloom, in Blossom and in BOOM!" but officially it is known as the "City of Golden Friendship" for the naturally warm people and old-fashioned hospitality.

Our City Fiesta

It’s our City Fiesta today! We had great time with our family roaming around the various city’s attractions - trade fairs , parades and concerts ( Bamboo & River Maya). My mom and my wife had a shopping bash – Mall wide sale up to 70% . Below are some of the pictures :

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My college Graduation

My college graduation photo.

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The horror of it! Fires balls fall from the sky, massive earthquakes around the world, buildings collapse, tsunami destroying cities! We live in an uncertain time now. All around us we see a dying world of ours. We just watched a trailer on the internet about the movie 2012. It's an apocalyptic movie predicting the end of the world on this date (2012) and it's just three (3) years from now!

Experts may tell different predictions and tell tales of how our world would end. But one thing for sure, to those who trust their lives to God they have a safe refuge in times of uncertainties and the fear of this dreaded end. (Psalm 46: 1-11)

A Time to Laugh

Time to laugh! This photo was taken during my joint birthday with one of the elders of the church!

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Go New York Giants! Go !

I’m hooked playing fantasy football since I registered with WaiverWire last month. Now that the National Football League has started, I am the more thrilled to browse the site for team statistics, player ranking, forum and headline news. The guru weekly challenge is an added feature so tempting which I can not resist.

My fantasy football team? It’s my all-time favorite New York Giants. NYG is one of the five teams that joined the NFL in 1925 and the only one admitted that year which still exists today. It is based in East Rutherford, New Jersey and plays its home games at Giant’s Stadium. Last year, they won the NFC East with a record of 12–4against the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs.

I am a big fan of two Andre's – Woodson (Quarter Back) and Brown (Running back). I also love Hakeem Nicks (Wide Receiver). He made four outstanding catches, including one over the shoulder and two with just one-hand during their first winning game against Carolina Panthers. The second game was a little bit frustrating, a 3-17 score losing to Chicago Bears. I hope they can make it this Saturday against their neighbor New York Jets. Good luck guys!


Thank you Lord!

I thank God for keeping our kids safe everyday at school. I also thank Him for the favors He gave us and for His love that is new every morning. Our kids are both in the Top list of students in their school. Surely, God’s blessings are upon them. THANK YOU LORD!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

With Paris Hilton

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Thanks to my wife for the effects.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WFW : The heaven declares your glory

He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads
them out like a tent to live in. ( Isaiah 40:22)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Genuine Rolex watches

I am an avid fan of collecting watches since high school. I got it from my dad who is also a watch aficionado. My dad was a successful businessman and real estate broker. Every time he closes a deal , he oftentimes bring the whole family to a thanksgiving bash out of town – Cebu City or Manila. The trip wouldn’t be complete without buying all of us watches.

There was a time that my dad was able to sell 6 real estate lots in an upscale subdivision that he was able to buy a ROLEX watch. As of now, I really do not know if what he bought was authentic and with serial number Rolex watch. All I know was that the watch was sold when he was confine to Makati Medical Center due to his heart ailment.

So now, I inherit some of his watches ( but they are gone of out style. .lol). I have a collection of watches from my wife, friends and sister in California.

Anyway, if you are a fan of ROLEX luxury watches , visit . They offers genuine Rolex watches at substantial discounts to the manufacturer's suggested retail price. What’s more? They are proud members of BBB, Better Business Bureau and hold the highest form of recognition . Check their site now!

On being nostalgic

This week’s theme is completely unique. I love Faces photography is looking for photo that brings back a nostalgic feeling.

This one was during our family vacation. We refreshed ourselves here from the grief of losing a loved one… but while we have our river cruise everybody was nostalgic about our mom. The scene was so peaceful that we almost cried ( we just suppressed it because there were lots of people on the cruise).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unpredictable weather

I greatly Praise God for sparing Philippines from the recent thunderstorm that hit Taiwan. Many residents from that area where displaced, found themselves homeless and there were casualties too. Millions of infrastructure and agricultural resources were destroyed.

The weather in our city is changeable. The heat is up to 38 degrees in the morning and suddenly a downpour in the afternoon. Many of the children got sick and even adults were affected too. This also affected our daily work especially where we are living. Every time there’s a heavy rain, our place is flooded.

I had a chat with my sister yesterday and she said that weather in Panorama City, California is quite okay. She mentioned that her businessman boyfriend is considering a property investment in Scottsdale real estate , Arizona. The good weather in that place attracted them to decide transferring and working in Arizona.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yummy Sunday #2 : Dragon Fruit

My mother brought this DRAGON FRUIT from her trip in Hongkong.
The Chinese loves this fruit...Yaksss... the taste is weird! Can not describe it.
Try it! It's available in Robinson Supermarket.

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Friday, August 21, 2009


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Play fantasy football at Waiverwire

I'm a sports buff. I do cycling , table tennis , basketball and volleyball . I am into cycling these days and I put my energy to it. Football? I only play it online . My son who is an online game enthusiast introduced me to Waiverwire. I just signed-up a free account last week and I really enjoyed it a lot. And guess what? I have now my own fantasy football team . I keep on browsing through the player comparisons, rankings and projections and always get updated with their stats.

If you want to get more of your favorite football team, what's new from the football world and other fantastic features, sign-up for the In Season Pass for only $9.95. Here’s what you can get :

Real time football player alters via Email, Text and to their Waiver Wire profile page
• Player Injury Alerts
• Player News and Updates
• Expert fantasy football analysis for every alert
• All filtered to a specific “player focus list” that the user creates so they aren’t overloaded with news they don’t need
• Alerts and fantasy football analysis is provided by both RotoWire and TSN Fantasy Player News (double coverage to ensure nothing is missed)
• They also have over 100 feeds from local beat writers if you want team specific news on your personalized profile page

Strength of Schedule Rankings, Points Allowed by Position, Player Projections, Player Comparisons, Access to Waiver Wire’s Fantasy Social Network, Cheat sheets, Red zone stats, Depth charts, Community forum, Guru challenge game and many more .

Do not be left behind, check out WaiverWire today .



This is one movie I and my son enjoyed. We had our date day and my wife and our daughter decided to have their time together. This is one way of spending quality time with our kids. One thing me and my son like to see in movies are the advances in technology.
We've got to choose what kind of movies we would see. Since IJ was familiar with G.I. Joe, we decided to try this one. We enjoyed the action packed movie and the amazing technology put into
it. We talked about the movie after viewing it and I try to give my son some lessons we could learn from it.
We always look forward to our family date day every Friday and make sure that all of us will enjoy it. Eating out, telling stories at home, playing games with the kids and other things we enjoy.

Word-filled Wednesday

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Monday, August 17, 2009

What's your calling?

In the Kingdom ofGod, there are no "spectator-only" believers. God calls all Christians to be participating actively and faithfully in the work that builds and advances his kingdom. To sit in a church doing nothing but singing and praying is not an option

God has invested in each believer certain spiritual gifts. Our task is to be sensitive through Bible study and prayer. As we do, we come to know Christ better, growing in our knowledge of His calling on our lives. Each of us needs a clearer understanding of our calling

Discover your calling ang ministry today?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yummy Sunday


This was during my birthday bash!
Filipinos truly are lechon lovers!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Will you be the voice of truth?

Be the Voice of Truth! be the herald of God's message of hope, love and salvation!
be a vessel of Honor!

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Glory to God Alone

I greatly Praise God for the opportunity ministering to hundreds of college students in one of the University in our City. Although the topic is about TEAM BUILDING, I was able to impart Christian Values during the coarse of my discussions.

Thank you Lord for the Knowledge and Wisdom. All the Glory and Praise belong to You Alone!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My kids 10 years ago

My kids while they were just toddlers. Now, Dale is already 9 yrs old while Isaiah John is 13.
They are our greatest inheritance. Praise God.


Depression is caused by ingratitude about:

Who you are, or are not.
What you have, or do not have.
What you do, or do not get to do.

You cannot be happy without being thankful.
You cannot be thankful without being happy.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Love Faces

This weeks theme : Crazy , silly and funny face
My son loves to paint face his face. This is just one of his artworks!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh, Light!

Singing heatily to the tune of "O , ILAW" (OH MY LIGHT).
It was on my 4th grade in elementary when we did a fund raising concert
to help the least fortunate in our city.

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O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained. Psalm 8: 1-3

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I drive Safely

Having the comfort in driving my car is of utmost importance to me. With kids to drive from home to school, appointments from office to clients and other things to accomplish using my car, I have to be sure that my ride is in top condition. Safety of my family is my first concern. One thing I have to be careful when driving is the condition of my steering control.

That’s why, whenever I spot a problem with my power steering rack , I visit the experts where I can get dealer parts for my steering rack and steering box needs. What attracted me is the offer of complete warranty to all the parts you ordered; with no hassle in getting what you need guaranteed to be shipped for free. They also offer BMW car steering, Plus! You can be assured that you’re buying quality products at the lowest price anywhere!

MM is Daddy Moments also

These are my sister's children. My kids missed them so much since they

are now living in Manila .
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My mom's Apartelle

Owning a 10-door Apartelle is not easy especially if you have to be updated with taxes and bills. My mom used to struggle with paper requirements and things needed to manage our mounting demand for payments. She has to always be on a hurry especially to meet deadlines.

Finally, we discussed this with our family and we decided to hire a real property consultant. Thanks to Real Property Management a full service company that offers solutions and quality service to busy people in managing their property well. They not only gave you the comfort and security of property management, you can also be sure that the service they gave you is the best.

RPM was awarded “Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention”, their company was feature in the bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbus, plus they manage over 20,000 units nationwide. What more can I say?

Join the thousands of satisfied customer in letting Real Property Management (RPM) manage your property. It’s a sure way of safeguarding your investment.

The best website hosting rates

In a period of 3 years, our church’s website went down countless of times. Twice the site completely went offline for two days and no one could access it. Another instance was when the content database was disconnected from the main site. Added to that, there’s no warning every time the site bugs down. Worst, we had difficulty connecting to the customer service if we submit a ticket taking them two days to response That means 48 precious hours of downtime, wasted with nothing we can do.

Because of the inefficiency of our Webhost provider, our church administration - technical department of which I am a member, planned to reconstruct our website by the end of this month. We are on the process of designing our site and searching for a Webhost provider. As I browsed the net today, I found the best website hosting rates. It has a list of various hosting awards per category from 2008 and 2009. The rating comparison is comprehensive. Wow! For only $ 3.95 a month you can have unlimited space and traffic for your website.

They also provide blogs, forums, e-commerce, and multi-domain or dedicated hosting. Whatever your needs are, check this site and you will surely find the best offer for you.

Thank God I am a Filipino

I thank God for making me a Filipino. Being born for a purpose and with a purpose is more important than the color of your skin and what your race is. Far more than the many prejudices against us, I can still stand tall and declare the goodness of God in my life. All I need to do is discover the good things I can contribute to our world, no matter how small is it, no matter if no one notices it. Thank You Lord for creating me as a Filipino.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The right choice on Satellite TV

Watching TV is one of the best bonding times for our family. On Fridays and Holidays, we usually had our movie marathon. The kids would choose their favorite movies or TV programs and we’ll enjoy it together. Yesterday was declared as National holiday to give full honor to the death and burial of our beloved President Corazon Aquino. Our eyes were glued in front of the TV to witness part of our history.

We all know that television will always be a part of every household today. Looking for Satellite TV providers is confusing and time consuming if you’re uninformed. If you are looking for the best deals on Satellite Television, Kaptain Satellite TV is for you. It is a comparison shopping website where you can find and compare the best Direct TV and Dish Network providers in your area. It has various promotions on packages, programming, retailer and equipment. You can also post your question and comments and you will be answered on line. They have also Free Satellite TV Systems.

Take your time to Satellite TV Site and surely it will solve your burden in finding the best deals on Satellite TV providers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wordful and wordless Wednesday


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This is my way of saying "I'm proud to be a Filipino". Many have been written about our race. To malign us, to destroy our integrity, even to put us to shame. But rest assured, no matter what happened I will still be very proud to be a Filipino.

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