Thursday, August 6, 2009

The best website hosting rates

In a period of 3 years, our church’s website went down countless of times. Twice the site completely went offline for two days and no one could access it. Another instance was when the content database was disconnected from the main site. Added to that, there’s no warning every time the site bugs down. Worst, we had difficulty connecting to the customer service if we submit a ticket taking them two days to response That means 48 precious hours of downtime, wasted with nothing we can do.

Because of the inefficiency of our Webhost provider, our church administration - technical department of which I am a member, planned to reconstruct our website by the end of this month. We are on the process of designing our site and searching for a Webhost provider. As I browsed the net today, I found the best website hosting rates. It has a list of various hosting awards per category from 2008 and 2009. The rating comparison is comprehensive. Wow! For only $ 3.95 a month you can have unlimited space and traffic for your website.

They also provide blogs, forums, e-commerce, and multi-domain or dedicated hosting. Whatever your needs are, check this site and you will surely find the best offer for you.


Laureen said...

congrats sa mga opps.ahh...posot2 man daun.Nice kau mo maghimo uy!sayon2non rman ninyo.

jacks said...

hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
Thank you! i love it.
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camilynn said...


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