Monday, August 31, 2009


The coming 2010 presidential elections is a crucial one. For the majority of our fellow Filipinos who are desperate for change, for solutions to the bragging problems our country is facing, we anchor our hopes and the dreams of our motherland to the promises given by the few who seemed to be the answer to our longing…our Political leaders.. But still to the many true blooded Pinoys, the question still remains as to “WHO” is really the better person to hold the reign of our government and effect real change in our society.

To all my beloved friends and fellow voters in Mindanao, I encourage you to visit Why is this? This is one site where you can access political and election related information to better prepare you for the coming elections. Having the right to vote and knowing the better person whom you will vote is a greater gain for every Filipino.

I have just signed-up a free account today and I easily got hooked for 3 hours browsing through various political issues and latest political news. Just learned through the site that Liberal Party decided the tandem of Nonoy Aquino (for President) and Mar Roxas (for Vice-President) . I also joined the political forum“ War @ Mindanao” and pointed out that hostilities in Mindanao is isolated in Sulu and Basilan. So there is nothing to be afraid of coming to our beloved Island. Inline to this , I posted my question to all presidential candidates “ What are their Peace and Reconciliation Program” for our beloved island – Mindanao. I hope I can get a satisfying answer tomorrow.

This is the site for us Pinoy. Be heard, be read and be part of the change our country needs. Join us in

Gone are the days that Mindanaoans were left behind. Let us be wise enough to choose our leaders in the 2010 presidential elections. is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.