Monday, August 17, 2009

What's your calling?

In the Kingdom ofGod, there are no "spectator-only" believers. God calls all Christians to be participating actively and faithfully in the work that builds and advances his kingdom. To sit in a church doing nothing but singing and praying is not an option

God has invested in each believer certain spiritual gifts. Our task is to be sensitive through Bible study and prayer. As we do, we come to know Christ better, growing in our knowledge of His calling on our lives. Each of us needs a clearer understanding of our calling

Discover your calling ang ministry today?


deepikabhatt22 said...

Very spiritual blog it is..thank for information..

deepika bhatt
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Karen said...

I have begun to re-read the gospels to see what Jesus' calling was while He was on earth. It amazes me how simple He made everything. Make me more like You, Lord!