Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crisp, precise and masterful painting

We came from a family of Artists. My mom does various types of painting and she also taught Art classes at Mountain View College. She’s a prolific painter and has done a local Painting exhibition. For her, it’s not just part of her past time and relaxation but also an expression of her passion within. I still remembered her painting a mural for our home using an ordinary paint when I was still 6 years old. That’s how my mom loves the work of art and it has been her hobby since then.

When she retired from her 35 years of teaching Music and Arts and Non-formal education, my mom focused on painting. She do oil, acrylic , water color and charcoal painting. Right now she’s exploring on painting using coffee .

Painting really is exploring anything you consider as art. Take a look at Philippe Bertho’s paintings, he combines humor and mischievous characters into his artworks like climbing, searching, running and thinking. His paintings evolve into a “hyper-realist” world, little scenarios of his own ingenious invention. According to my mom, painting technique of Philippe Bertho is precise, crisp and masterful. The more you look at his painting, the more there is to see. Take a look at his painting that I have posted? What can you see?


amiable amy said...

I saw a woman, a polka dot, bubbles and circles. I know, I do not have eyes that can see what's behind the painting hehehe.

BTW, about the shirt, yap $60 is too much noh? Mao naa ako pinaka mahal nga t-shirt, may nalang hinatag. LOL!