Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mens Square & Ladies Circle

The Youth department of our Church just launched the Single Men’s Square (Band of Brothers), and the Single Ladies’ Circle (Women in the Word). We are into small groups caring genuinely for one another, sharing God’s love and creating an environment where everyone is accepted as a brother and a sister in Christ.

These organizations exist to empower both the young men and women in our church to live godly lives, serve one another in love, be a model to their generation in words, actions and character and be God’s vessels of honor to win souls in His kingdom.

The young men had their first officers’ meeting and planning for the activities, programs and guidelines for their organization last night. They set up a High standard of spirituality among the men in the areas of prayer, priorities, character and holy living. The same with the young women, they are on fire to win souls for Christ and to live a life worthy to be followed. Both organizations will focus on four (4) major areas in their approach to influence this generation for Christ: Evangelism, Consolidation, Discipleship Training and Missions.

They believe that God has a special calling for all the young people today and a special role to play in God’s kingdom. They are determined to fight the good fight of faith and rescue the drowning morality of the young people today. Let’s join hands and support them in prayers and in deeds. HURRAH TO THE BAND OF BROTHERS! CHEERS TO THE WOMEN IN THE WORD