Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reality Wedding Video

My wife has been a wedding coordinator since 1999. She will always be busy doing her assignments in preparing for the wedding program, coordinating with the florists, the bridal couture, the venue arrangement and any other details to make the wedding ceremony smooth and in proper order. We’ve also been always together since me, her husband, takes charge of the Music, the singers and the band if needed for the ceremony and celebration. We were always a buddy and partners in every wedding our Church would minister.

Having been married for almost 15 years now and witnessing many wedding ceremonies often bring fresh and sweet memories to our wedding day too. We always relive our sweet exchange of I dos and my first kiss of the bride. And we still enjoy it much today seeing it on a video recording done by a friend and they captured it using the VHS Camera at that time. Compared it today, well, it’s way behind the technology and the added art in capturing those precious moments. Seeing the work of Buddy Gancenia on Youtube really brings envy on my part. How we wish we had that kind of know-how and expertise he uses in his wedding Videographies. Man, look at the Wedding Video below, it's simply amazing!

We often hear the phrase “Reality T.V” on the big screen right? But with Buddy Gancinia’s proficiency on Wedding Videography, it would be a dream-come-true for you on your wedding day! He not only masterfully captures the special moments on your wedding but also has the knack to show it with magic and enchantment! He is one of the Best Philippine Wedding Videographer, as evidenced by its having won the Grand Prize in the 1st Sony Wedding Video Competition 2007. With Buddy, you would surely be proud to show your video to your family, relatives and friends again and again. Sneak a quick look at his website Below is on rates and services :

Be hooked and charmed with his sample of videographies. Want to have that dream video on your wedding you only see on the big screen? Why not try Buddy Gancinia’s services .