Friday, September 4, 2009

Slatwall for our shop

It was a dream come true for us! “JG Net Internet Café and Video Shoppe “ turned One year last month. Putting up a small business was not an easy task for us. We pulled out every resources we have to start the store. We invested not only money but also our time and effort. Now, on its 2nd year, we are planning to do some improvement of the store’s interior . We will no longer expand the video shop instead we will install slatwall panels and accessories to maximize the place. We have just browsed the site of the slatwall supplier and we agreed to start the renovation early next month. This will be in preparation to the growing number of customers this Christmas Season. I guess Plexi slatwall flatshelves or straight wire shelves are great for our video shop . I find it trendy , flexible and organized.

Let me take you back back on the first year of our business, it was not an easy ride. We have experienced some bumpy roads along the way. Competition was stiff and slightly we were affected with the economic crisis. But thank God, we came out successful. Over heads and amortizations were paid on time. We still have enough funds to so some improvement mentioned above. Praise God!


iloikesfood said...

wow you guys have an internet cafe kind of shop?