Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shopwiki - The Virtual Shopping Mall

In this world of advance technology and where life is fast paced , everyone like to buy things they want through online shopping store . Instead of hopping from one local store to the other , consumer prefer to stay at the comfort of their homes browsing websites to find the best deals on the products they desire. Aside from saving time , shopping online saves a lot of money since often times they give huge discounts and free delivery. My sister living in Panorama City, California gifted me last month a rubber shoes from an online shopping mall called Shopwiki. She told me that it took her less than 5 minutes to find the exact specification and brand I wanted.

I was amazed so I tried browsing the site. Indeed Shopwiki is a virtual shopping mall which display a wide range of products from accessories, books, clothing, sports, watches, jewelries to wedding needs and memorabilia. Even uncanny and bizarre items they have it.

I tried searching for casual clothing for my boys and I found the following for him :

2. Khaki Pants
3. Soccer Shorts
4. Sports Jersey
5. T-shirts
6. Sneakers
7. Pull-over tops
8. Sneakers
9. Swim Suites
10. Jeans

Girls are more complicated to dress up but I am glad Shopwiki has a buying guide . Below are her favorites :

2. Casual Pants
3. Tank Tops
4. Sweaters
5. Leotards
6. Sneakers
7. Sun Dresses
8. Sandals
9. Tote
10. Hair Accessories

For my wife? Charm bracelet , make-up kit and a Watch would be fitting for Christmas gifts. Hmmmm…. and for myself I found my Titus Racer X Complete Mountain Bike at a fair price. How about you? Save Money, Time and Effort by visiting Shopwiki now and pick your fave !


sweet_shelo said...

Hello there, it is really true that online shopping is a hip today. I am even fond of doing online shopping ..

He he, anyway nakakaduling nga ung illusion nuh? LOL