Friday, November 6, 2009

Globe Tattoo : My broadband buddy

Using the internet as a tool in my work is very important. I get updates and information from the web and use it on my lectures and studies. With the introduction of the Globe Tattoo Broadband device, my preparation for s
peaking engagements has never been this easy and convenient. Connecting it to my laptop is simple and easy via USB and the modem connectivity installed itself. My tattoo gives me the ease in searching for 3G connectivity and is able to detect signal strength and the availability of WCDMA or HSDPA.

Also, Globe Broadband charges me on a time-based charging compared to per kilobytes-based service my former Internet provider gave me. Downloading (and uploading data) comes in very handy and I am charged only for the duration of connectivity. The same text and call rates will apply when you use a Globe Tattoo SIM. All Globe prepaid mobile promo offers also apply to Globe Tattoo mobile subscribers. As a Pre-paid service user, that’s a big, big plus for my Globe Tattoo Broadband.

And you know what? My Tattoo speaks of my individuality. Just check out the cool Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins and you will be amazed by its unique designs that suit your mood, preference or style. It is truly a device you can be proud of. And yes speaking of being a satisfied user, I can attest to the effectivity and usefulness of my Tattoo. I will surely encourage my colleagues to get one, get connected and be counted.

Anywhere I travel, I have with me my buddy Tattoo. Even during conferences here in our place and in an emergency case where I need to access the net, my Tattoo really works fast and reliable. My presentations were more lively and updated due to my access to first hand information from the net and I can also download pictures easily using my Globe Tattoo Broadband.

All these benefits I get from my Tattoo really add value to my work as a Church minister, a lecturer and a speaker to various seminars and conferences. Wherever my work brings me, whenever I need to update important information from the web, I can access it with ease. That’s an assurance I can rely on with my Tattoo. Why not visit the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and see for yourself the different products they offer. Be counted as one of the satisfied users of Globe Tattoo Broadband today.


yoshke said...

Globe Tattoo stick works best when configured to 3G only. Options > Network > 3G Only ;)