Friday, December 4, 2009

Historical Event

A Historical event for the city of Cagayan de Oro! It was the first time to happen for the hundred of years since the birth of our place, the City of Golden Friendship. And our city is the first one to celebrate such an event in the whole of the Philippine Island!

Last November 30, Cagayan de Oro City celebrated its first ever "THANKSGIVING DAY". It was an event solely dedicated to GOD and GOD alone for all His goodness and favor bestowed upon our place. It was the year 1917 when our city was dedicated to God. Cagayan de Oro was hit with a plague the claimed many lives and the town elders with all the religious leaders decided to dedicate our place and offer it to God. Miraculously, the plague disappeared and God spared many lives. He reminded the pastors here to set a special day just for Him and let the people give thanks and honor just for Him.

Every year, different religious groups celebrate their Fiestas to honor their patron saints and their special holy day. But never in the history did we celebrate a "THANKSGIVING DAY" for God that will be celebrated by Muslims, Christians and Lumads altogether! WOW!
Indeed, God deserves the highest praise, honor and worship. for above everyone else, above everything else, He alone is the one TRUE GOD the source of our life. To Him be all the glory and thanksgiving.