Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road Trip

In spite of the routine happenings that we experience each Christmas, there is something specially about each year’s celebration. Every year the season has it’s own charm. There is a sense of magic every time we here songs in the air. A sense of Joy overwhelm our whole being …. As if everything comes alive on Christmas season.

Christmas is celebrated in different ways from different race and walks of life. Some prefer to stay at their place but others are more thrilled when they spent in outside their home. Like us, we plan to travel by third week of December. This time, we decided to take our car for a land trip somewhere in Davao City or Butuan City. Today I will send the car to the Auto Center for all the necessary maintenance work like the engine, radiator, steering and A/C compressor for the car's airconditioning system. By next week everything will be ready then for our Road trip . Thank God!