Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Need more Twitter Followers

Using the internet as a tool in my work is very important. I get updates and information from the web and use it on my lectures and studies. I am glad I am connected to a high speed Broad band provider. Downloading and uploading data comes in very handy and I am charged only for the duration of connectivity. I can attest to the effectivity and usefulness of my Internet Service Provider.

Anywhere I travel, I have with me my USB Internet connection. Even during conferences here in our place and in an emergency case where I need to access the net, my connection really works fast and reliable. My presentations were more lively and updated due to my access to first hand information from the net. I can update my blog, facebook and twitter anytime and anywhere . By the way, a friend told me to concentrate on my twitter since 2010 will be a twitter year. Hmmm., sad to say I still have handful of followers. He advised me to just add anyone who follows.. . even if you do not know the person personally… so I head his advise. I recently added ted murphy to my followers and became friends. How about you? Can we be friends? Pls leave a comment and I will give you my Twitter Url.


gemini said...

unsa ni yongky, wa ko ka-g. tets b? unsaon no twitter.kalooy taga buk-i-d