Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being Nostalgic

Our wedding date with my wife falls on the 28th of March. That was almost 15 years this day. But the memories of that special event of my life will forever be carved at the center of my heart,hehehe. Seemed like it was that same day as I write this. I was nervously waiting for my bride to arrive. My heart went pumping with excitement. All was set for that afternoon wedding I thought so when I suddenly remembered that I have forgotten to buy a new pair of socks. I rushed to the nearest department store and bought one including a new handkerchief. I was just too excited, nervous and jittery at that time.

Everyone were there from the Church Pastor, the parents, the family, the wedding entourage, the relatives and friends. That was the most exciting event in my life seeing my bride, my best friend, my soon to be partner for the rest of my life got out of the car and prepare for her entrance. I almost could not contain my emotion...We both embraced each other as we took a time together with the kids seeing that wedding video home. As we remisnished that moment, we laughed together seeing the quality of video we had before. How the pictures differ from quality and crispiness. It was so different from our videos today.

I remembered the one who captured our wedding day was our Church friend. It is still in the form of betamax. Yep, that was rather old considering we are now using digital cameras. If our wedding day could be now? I would surely hire the expertise of Buddy Gancenia. He’s the best in the field of corporate videos, wedding videos and video coverage of any special family, private or corporate events.Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines

I believe, Buddy and his team would surely give us a video of our wedding that would be magical, enchanting and romantic. Well, that would be a good advice for the two friends of mine who will be getting married this April and December. As for me, our wedding day might not be the best in terms of video coverage but, I am married now to most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. And that made it enchanting, beautiful and romantic.