Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Downloading made easy with Queen Torrent

Torrent? I heard this word over and over again from my youth core group. You know young people today, they are more advanced and updated in terms of technology. Me? I am just an oldie trying hard to fit-in with the hype of today’s generation. Thanks to Mark, my core group officer who’s been patient in teaching me the hardware and the software of computer. Now I know how to troubleshoot my laptop in case of minor breakdown.

The latest he taught me is the art of uploading and downloading media files from the internet the fastest way. After a little orientation of what Search Engine is, he introduced me to Queen Torrent. I learned that it is a Search Engine with an extremely large data base. I tried to download music yesterday for our Valentine presentation this February . From a click of the mouse , i was redirected to various torrent links to my desired music. What made it unique from other popular SE is that it is more detail and precise. Why? Because category, size , seeds and leeches are indicated . Meaning you have various choices for an specific category. Bulls-eye! I was able to get what I really want. Wanna try it ! Download your favorite music, games or videos now!