Monday, January 25, 2010

I got a Page Rank of 2?

Wow! I never thought I would elevate this high... This site was dormant for the past months since I was out-of-town for a very important appointment and I was busy preparing for our TRUE LOVE WAITS CONCERT . When I was back , I was surprise to see on my side bar with a Page Rank of two. Thank you Google for ranking me...Now, I am pressured to post more and blog hop often..hahahahahahaha.. Anyway, thank you guys for faithfully visiting my site. Rest assured I will return the favor. Just leave a comment or message on my Cbox... Happy blogging!


ME said...

congratulation bro... in your PR..
god bless you and thanks for visiting me too...

Pepper said...

Congratulations! My PR2 is now 0 but it's okay. I was not able to update my blog for the past weeks & not able to bloghop, too.
Anyway, thanks for always dropping at my blog & for taking the time to comment.

About Inpostlinks, just wait for a couple of days (or a few days) because usually, they are late in updating the page rank. And even though I got PR2 last time, it was still hard to grab opps from them unless you check it from time to time. And if ever they make offers, it's only up to $0.50-1.00. You'll be lucky to get $2.00. Goodluck!