Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today is the 7th of January 2010...do I have any reason to thank God? my answer is of course a "BIG, BIG" YES! today is another day of counting God's blessings and favor in my life as a husband, a father, a son, a pastor and a friend.

1. As a husband, this coming March 28, 2010 will be our 15th Wedding Anniversary with my beloved wife. She's my bestfriend, my partner, my inspiration, the love of my life. Through thick and thin, God showed us His grace, mercy and loving kindness and sustained us through all these years. All glory, honor and thanksgiving be to Him.

2. As a father: Our kids are really heaven sent. They're gifts from above, our bundle of joy and also a source of our inspiration. IJ the eldest and only son continued to excel in his studies and is such an obedient and loving kid. He takes care of his sister and is so responsible in doing his house chores. Dale the youngest also excels in her studies and is such a bubbly little sweet girl. She brings joy to us by her antics. We find joy in serving God just by looking at them. Thank You Lord for our kids.

3. As a son. My mom who is 72 years old is still very, very, healthy. Thank You Lord. We fondly call her mommylo and her "apos" (grandchildren) simply adore her. She's still very active in her chosen profession in teaching and now is working as School Administrator in a Korean School in our place. We love her very much.

4. As a pastor, I really, really thank God for His constant guidance and leading in my life. In Him I move, I have and have my being. He is my everything. Without Him, this life will lose its meaning and hope. God is so ever faithful in the calling He called me. He's blessed me with ministry partners and friends that are after His own heart. He blessed me working with the young people in the church and reaching out to our generation today.

5. As a friend, I thank God for the many faithful friends He gave me. With them, God's work was made more livelier and joyful to fulfill. Thank You Lord for my friends who are so dedicated to your cause and for touching their hearts to serve Your purpose.

Wheeewwww...still my mind is overflowing with countless other things I can thank God for His love, care, lovingkindness and faithfulness in my life. I will continually praise Him for everything He has done and not done for me. I LOVE YOU LORD! THANK FOR ALL YOUR FAVOR AND BLESSINGS GIVEN TO ME.

How about you? start counting your blessing and name them one by one...Have a blessed, favored and joyful New Year!


Glenn Kun said...

Yes. Though we had a bad luck sometimes, we have to thank God for everyday.. God Bless Your Family, cnong artista kamukha ko? wahaha. naniwala. taga caloocan me

Pia said...

wow! you are truly blessed! this 2010, may God bless and prosper you more in every area of your life. stay blessed!

Debbie said...

WOW You are right and very blessed indeed. How wonderful it was to read your happy, thankful heart...may God continue to bless your work and life with His richest blessings, Debbie

Laurie Ann said...

I enjoyed reading your list of thanks. May God continue to bless you. Happy Thankful Thursday!

jo.attalife said...

That's the list of one blessed man. Continue to make your light shine and be a blessing, because as you remain faithful to Him, nations will be blessed through you. Your blog name is so apt.
p.s. nice to meet you via blog, give my regards to Grace ;)

Lynn said...


I read this and was moved by your words. I can't wait for the day we will meet face-to-face. I LOVED every word you wrote about your wife. What a neat couple.... God is so very good.

May the Lord richly bless you and your ministry Pastor... I pray 2010 is a year that brings the Lord great honor through your life. I know it will. God bless and Happy TT and 2010! Lynn

bp said...

I liked how you put different people in your life and how you are thankful for those. God bless you.

Rita T. said...

Encouraging post to all of us! Thanks!