Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas For Men

February is love month...yes, people all over the world like, teenagers, adults as well as the old folks are hypnotized by this word alone, Valentines day. Yes! Indeed it brings excitement to the couples who are expecting to celebrate it the most romantically. Hmmm... the memory is still vivid in my mind when I first dated my wife during Valentines Day over a candle light dinner in the coziest fine dining restaurant in our city. I was so tensed and bewildered that day that I almost forgot to pay the bill...hahahahaha.

We are already in our 15th year of marriage but by the grace of God still so much in love with each other.We are an inseparable couple who always surprises each other with love notes and sweet little things. This Veaentines, I am planning to surprise her again with a date and a gift but I still can’t make-up my mind yet on the details. Glad that I was able to read a Valentine promotional Article which feature Valentine promotional Article which feature ways on how to celebrate Valentines day. They also have an article for Valentine's Day ideas for men . Check out ladies for these wonderful and enchanting suggestions.

For my wife's Valentines Gift? It’s a secret... she might read this blog. I plan to have something she would treasure and remember all her life. Thanks to the article I have read. How about you?What’s your plan?