Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Having My Own Domain

My wife got domain name for her two blog sites last month. She has been encouraging me to do the same but my mind is still confused. A friend told me that my page rank will be downed to zero if I will change my URL address. Since this is my first month to have a Page Rank of 2, I still want to enjoy it. Instead I am challenging myself to make my PR one step higher by March.

On the other hard, I am fascinated to have my own domain hosted outside blogger. It gives me a sense of ownership (Hmmm... I have various names on my head right now. ). Anyway, my blogger friend suggested to search online to help me with my decision. Finding the best hosting service for a website can be complicated because there are various bogus webhosting providers on the internet today. The best way to select a quality web host is to take the selection process one step at a time. I went around the blogosphere yesterday to seek advises and most of them highly recommended to search through Webhosting Geeks. I tried it and I was redirected to the Best domain hosting providers for 2010. I have found a website provider that suits my needs. How about you? Have you made up your mind to get a domain of your own?


Alicia said...

I thought about it recently too, but I'm not sure yet!! I think that would be awesome if you did though.

Mister-M said...

In the long run, it will make a difference and to have one personalized to you offers a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction.

Don't be afraid to separate yourself from the mundane. Make your own way and consider it a challenge to get your PR back to where you want it to be.