Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On death

When someone else dies, it pierces us through our heart. Last week I was tasked to give the message for a funeral service of a dear friend.. my classmate in college. I realized, it is so hard to give a message of encouragement when you yourself is disheartened and affected. My words came out with trembling... I just suppressed my feelings.

The grief in the death of a loved one is that the loved one is no longer there. Wherever the loved one is in eternity, they're not here now, and will not be back. Thus, no talk of eternity and the loved one's place in it is able to really relieve the grief and loss. Our Choire sang “ Trust His Heart”.... and people were crying. We cried because we will be missing her.

The tribute came... love ones and close friends gave their memories with Haidee.When Christians tell stories about the dead person's life, we tell them not just because they're ripe for the telling or because it lets us get some of the grief off our chests). Christians mainly speak of the life of the dead person because God worked divine grace into our lives through that person.
All through the service people are crying... her co-teachers... her students.Life indeed is so short... we must live each day as though it is our last.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I hate the thought of death to somebody that I know, but I am prepared to die anytime.
To die means to be with our creator. :)