Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for Car Spoilers?

I and my 13 year old son are car and automobile enthusiasts. We just love to surf the net for the latest models in sports and luxury cars. We have a bunch of magazines and posters at home that can be part of small library just for cars, hehehe. Lately, we posted on our rooms our desired vehicle for our family this year. For sure we ca not afford the latest model in luxury vehicles but at least we dreamed of having a brand new SUV with a price that we can afford.

While waiting for the blessing to come…we are making our existing car (a sedan) look good by putting some accessories on it like rear spoiler and a new DVD player. We are planning to put it on sale at a higher price so we decided to put additional features so buyers can appreciate not only the smooth ride and good condition of our car but also the added beauty of accessories on it.

And the best part of that is to see our car having this beautiful piece of spoiler that made it looked tough and ready to race like a sport’s car. Thanks to carid.com for their rear spoilers . We received many compliments from our friends who also appreciated what we have done to our ride. Thanks to the support of my wife and our kids, we now enjoy our family car together knowing that we have done the right thing to make it look good.