Monday, February 8, 2010

Software 3 : Duplicate Software Download

As I have blogged before, I am not a tech freak . Call me laid back person but I am what I am . Maybe I am just too dependent from my son and wife when it comes to computer software and hardware. All I do is surf the internet, download and upload files as many as I want. I really do not care if these files crowded up my hard disk not until yesterday when my drive D & E crashed up! Ooopppsss... I then realized I have many unwanted and redundant files on my PC.

The technician told me that there are countless of duplicated files on my hard disk such as images, videos, mp3 ,Pdf and power point files that were eating up my PC space. Thank God duplicate software download is free at www. I watched as the technician did the cleaning. Deleting all these unused files was easy as ABC. Less than an hour, my PC was back to normal.

So while your PC is still in good condition, get rid of duplicated files now. You can do it your self ... no need to call for a technician . They also have Duplicate email remover and Outlook duplicate remover. Visit the site now to see what I mean!


Bob West said...

Very interesting
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