Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Carpentry Works

We will be away for three days for a Family Camp somewhere in the mountains. It’s an annual activity of the church wherein families will gather together for leaning and bonding sessions. This is the first time we will hold the event on mountain side.... the past 6 years were held at various beach resort. It is timely because of the”El NiƱo “ phenomena that hit our city. Time for some refreshing cold air in a forest surrounded mountain resort.

After the event,I will be back with my project – minor renovation and improvement of the kids room. I thought of hiring a carpenter to do the works but it’s hard to find a trusted one this time. I changed my mind and do it my self. Anyway, it’s just carpentry 101 ... so I guess I can do it. All I need are some saw blades to cut the plywood for the room extension and paint brush for the painting works. Because it is summer here in our country, the kids can also help me in doing errands. This is a good on-the-job training for them... it’s a great wat of bonding together also.It’s more fulfilling to see the work done with love.