Monday, March 15, 2010

My Fascination with Cars

When I was a lot younger, I cannot understand my father’s fascination with cars. Bulk of his income were invested either for lots or cars. I remember we have 2 cars at that time ( In the 60’s only prominent rich families can own more than one car.... but we are not rich huh!) He spends time pampering his cars like washing, cleaning and polishing. He lavished it with indoor and outdoor accessories like turbo, wings, stickers,sports wheels and other expensive accessories.. He reports the car to his auto-mechanic once a month for tune-up. He will not spare his money for repainting whenever there are scratches . He loves his car so much that sometimes it is the source of his misunderstanding with mom.

When I reached my teen-age years, I came to realize why my Dad was captivated with cars because I began to be attracted to it as well. I was only 14 years old when I successfully drove the car with-in the subdivision. The same year, I was able to take the car for a 30- minute drive from our place to the center of the center. The road was not congested that time so my first driving experience was an easy one.

Now I dream of owning a sports or luxury car someday.... Ahhh for now I am just contented collecting auto magazine.. I enjoyed looking at the latest car accessories like dashboard, led tail lights, spoiler , gps system and body kits. My being car aficionado is now passed on to my 13-yr. old son. He has posters of his favorite racing cars on his room. Often times we browse the internet to know the latest vehicle out in the market and watch you tube car racing videos. This is our bonding time together. Men are always fascinated with cars... Do you agree?