Monday, March 1, 2010

School Keepsake Book

My wife is fun of making scrap book . She has baby book for my two children. She kept a record of everything that's first like first haircut, first hand and foot print, first hand writing, photos of first walk and bath… first visit to church… even first toys, nap mat, bag….. anything that is first. She also made a school keepsake book since we love to keep their arts, home works, photos, ribbons and medals. Our various vacation comes alive with her creative travel scrapbook .

I thank God for my wife’s skillfulness…. It is such a great way to keep a lasting memory for the family. My kids would love to go down the memory lane with their keepsake books. My ‘lil girl often times bring her baby book at school. It’s fulfilling to see that our kids are proud of their baby book.

So next time you will be invited for a child baptismal or dedication, be sure to order online at . They have a collection of penny laine baby book . I love their photo framed cover and its 50 decorative pages which covers important events like family tree , birthday and other memorable ( as shown below). Try to visit them now!