Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance is very much essential for keeping your car in good working condition. This is the reason why I keep a chart at our garage to monitor the various maintenance schedule of our cars. I believe that proper and regular maintenance, my car will last longer and I can also save a lot of money as well. I enrolled in a short term course 10 years ago to orient myself with the basic principles of automotive. It’s really hard to rely always on the mechanic for trouble shooting. Thank God, I am able to do many aspects of car maintenance and minor repairs on my own. I change my own car oil...so that means a lot of savings. Of course for the tire alignments, engine checking and other major repairs, I’ll go to my mechanic.

Last week, I bought 4 sets of brand new tires for our vehicle. Thanks to the Tire Review I read online, it greatly helped me choose the best brand. Yah! It would be confusing what to purchase especially their are various of brands in the market. Some were made in China,Thailand, India and Japan. I was able to spend a bigger amount but it’s really worth for a higher and better brand.