Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mistakes were made!

We hear halfhearted apologies frequentlty these days. In some cases the so-called "apology" is phrased something like this :

 " I regret that someone was offensed by what I said or did".

What He really meant is " I'm sorry that there is anyone so thin-skinned as actually to have taken offense at my innocuous comments or my perfectly innocent mistake." 

A different way to apologize is to say " mistakes were made." A mistake is like the weather - it happens without anyone in particular causing it to be so.

Yummy Sunday

The first time I tasted this one... I didn't like it. I was expecting the usual Bibingka..
Try this one ... available at all SM stores.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scenic Sunday & Shadow Sunday

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ramblings from a Father

Our house is not a home without our two precious kids.

Just like last night and today ...   they were at their cousins bonding together.

We didn't hear them scrambling together...No TV, no computer games, no name callings...

The house is so peaceful...  yet there is a missing piece of the puzzle.

What shall we do when the time comes when  they will have their own family  and live separately from us?

I  felt a sense of loneliness as I thought about it.

Ahhh.... that time will surely come and I  must be ready ....

This is a faithful saying indeed: love your children, spend many quality time with them, laugh and cry with

them, enjoy them, appreciate them while they are still with you. For how time flies and you will just miss them

too. Haaaayyyy...tiniguwang na gyud nia...LOL!


Rain Down

Young People truly love songs from DELIRIOUS. Play the song and Jam with them!

A day at the Beach

I keep falling in love with my wife... EVERYDAY!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banner Designs for our Church

Summertime is a busy time for our church. It is where everybody’s busy preparing for the Youth’s DEEP (Daily Evangelistic Exposure Program) a mission exposure for all the young people, the VBS (Vacation Bible School) which we changed to WBS (Weekly Bible Study) for the children and our regular Light House fellowship every week. It’s because of these activities that we need to prepare Banners for each program as part of promotion and identification. We need to have different banner designs for the DEEP, WBS, and the LIGHT HOUSES.

We have one young lay worker who takes care of advertising banners , she would have a hard time with the arts and designs that would fit appropriately each activity. And not only that, there are also other church activities and programs that need banner designs like birthdays, welcome parties, young people gathering and special church meetings. The staff recognized the need for us to find a software design that would help us cope with this necessity. Thanks to It is a web base software design for Banners online.

They offer templates, attractive designs from there massive collection which would be of great help to our staff. You can choose your own design online that perfectly fits your need. What’s more, you can resize images and text of your banners with your mouse. It’s like an online work of art, and it’s you doing it! Plus, they have hundreds of fonts and images for your satisfaction and pleasure. What more can I say? This is really what we need. We won’t be having a hard time looking for banner designs whatever will be our activities here in our church.

Skywatch Friday

We have beeen to Butuan lsat year at their renowned a.k.a. golden bridge.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watery Wednesday :& Wordless Wednesday

Word-filled and Wordful Wednesday

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Car Pal Indeed

Buying our first car is like an investment for me. I have to put my hard earned money on something that can benefit me, my family, my work and other things I enjoy in life. I am a hard working individual and oftentimes the demands on my work will bring me to travel long distances so that I must be sure that I can rely on my ride for those long travel hours without delays.

One experience I can’t forget was when a friend of mine who was a police officer got to travel for 6 long hours to attend a training for senior officers. He was driving his Ford Escort 96 model when halfway on his trip suddenly his engine overheated. He stopped by the road side and upon checking the engine, he noticed that his timing belt got busted and he’s nowhere on the road with no repair shop on sight! Whooaa! What’s worst when he finally got help and the car was towed to a car shop after 2 hours of waiting, the mechanic told him of a defected water pump that needs to be replaced then and there. He had to spend thousands of pesos for the replacement and the payment for the repair.

Indeed that’s one thing I don’t like to happen when on a very important appointment and suddenly my car breaks down. I’m glad I can rely on my repair pal. It is an independent, unbiased resource that gives me honest to goodness transparent price on my car’s parts, and expert information I need as to where and what’s the best car repair shop for me. That’s a no-nonsense service to all car owners out there. I recommended this to my friend and he’s one of the thousands of happy, satisfied customers today. Why don’t you try to visit theirsite and prove for yourself the honesty of this writing.

Buddies for Life

Me and my 14 yr. old son - "Buddies for Life"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week-end Reflections & Scenic Sunday

Friday, May 21, 2010

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Play the song and you'll be inspired


As much as I wanted to do my rounds in the blogosphere... I can't visit your guys. I am busy this week preparing for out LIGHTHOUSE Vacation Bible School which will commence tommorow. Praying for hundreds of children to join! Wow! Hundreds? This must be a tough job for us all!

Skywatch Friday

A view of Jakarta's Bekasi Square

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Water meets the Sun

I took this picture during our Family Camp 2 years ago at MIDWAY BEACH RESORT
Naawan, Mis. Or., Philippines

Watery Wednesday : Water and Sun

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Domain and New Template

My Page rank was downed to Zero so I took the chance to buy a domain name for this site. I change my Site from ASIA TODAY WORLD TOMORROW to BUCKET OF WISDOM since I wasn't able to live up with my travel topics. Most of my posts are personal and spiritual insights so I guess the new Title would be fitting.

I am still on the process of choosing my template. This one is till temporary.... What do you think? Is this okey?

Ruby Tuesday

This was during the Silver Anniversary of FRIENDS OF JESUS Church in PICC Manila. I was the one who taught their Choir for the CDO Anniversary Presentation entitled " BAYAN KO... BAYAN MO!"

Need Truck Accesories?

Can you think of a company or any other group that offers more than 500,000 truck accessories? Wow! That’s amazing! For the past month, we’ve been talking about buying a pick-up truck for our plan to engage in farming since we have already arranged all necessary papers and land titles of our 42 hectares farmland in Bukidnon. We realized how important it is to have the right transport when we visited the place going through rough roads.

Thinking of our pick-up truck, we need to accessorize it for added protection and practicality. How about adding rack and carriers for those baggages to carry? But I have to carefully choose the right truck cover, Mud flaps, floor mats, and bull bars. Talking about truck covers, offers access cover to ensure the safety of our baggages against dust and rain with that ever reliable choice of extang trifecta an engineered tri-fold style tonneau cover that is Fast, easy and no assembly required. All these can be found when you visit See it for yourself and be amazed at what they can offer you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A package from USA

Thanks Sis for the Birthday package!

My first time to join Ruby Tuesday. Click the badge above if you wish to join.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm a History Maker

Today is Judgment Day. I go to vote . I go to vote for my country, my beloved country. I have prayed for this before , contemplated, think deeply , and have to consider and reconsider my choices to whom I would cast my precious vote. Yes, It is very crucial . This vote of mine will count and be part of the history of country. Lord please help me . This is the first automated voting of our country and I have mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension since this is also the first time for me to vote using the PCOS Machine.

Whatever will be the outcome of this election, I still fully believe and trust that God is in full control and holds the future of our country. It is my prayer that the whole process of exercising our right of suffrage will be Honest, Orderly and Peaceful. God Bless the Philippines.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Enjoying the Cruise from Cebu to Bohol