Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banner Designs for our Church

Summertime is a busy time for our church. It is where everybody’s busy preparing for the Youth’s DEEP (Daily Evangelistic Exposure Program) a mission exposure for all the young people, the VBS (Vacation Bible School) which we changed to WBS (Weekly Bible Study) for the children and our regular Light House fellowship every week. It’s because of these activities that we need to prepare Banners for each program as part of promotion and identification. We need to have different banner designs for the DEEP, WBS, and the LIGHT HOUSES.

We have one young lay worker who takes care of advertising banners , she would have a hard time with the arts and designs that would fit appropriately each activity. And not only that, there are also other church activities and programs that need banner designs like birthdays, welcome parties, young people gathering and special church meetings. The staff recognized the need for us to find a software design that would help us cope with this necessity. Thanks to It is a web base software design for Banners online.

They offer templates, attractive designs from there massive collection which would be of great help to our staff. You can choose your own design online that perfectly fits your need. What’s more, you can resize images and text of your banners with your mouse. It’s like an online work of art, and it’s you doing it! Plus, they have hundreds of fonts and images for your satisfaction and pleasure. What more can I say? This is really what we need. We won’t be having a hard time looking for banner designs whatever will be our activities here in our church.


july_blogista said...

hahahah..nothing compares sa PhotoshOp japUn! hihihihi! c kinsa ni si young lay worker? ahahah! pwede nku xa me-meet? hehehe!