Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm a History Maker

Today is Judgment Day. I go to vote . I go to vote for my country, my beloved country. I have prayed for this before , contemplated, think deeply , and have to consider and reconsider my choices to whom I would cast my precious vote. Yes, It is very crucial . This vote of mine will count and be part of the history of country. Lord please help me . This is the first automated voting of our country and I have mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension since this is also the first time for me to vote using the PCOS Machine.

Whatever will be the outcome of this election, I still fully believe and trust that God is in full control and holds the future of our country. It is my prayer that the whole process of exercising our right of suffrage will be Honest, Orderly and Peaceful. God Bless the Philippines.