Friday, May 28, 2010

Ramblings from a Father

Our house is not a home without our two precious kids.

Just like last night and today ...   they were at their cousins bonding together.

We didn't hear them scrambling together...No TV, no computer games, no name callings...

The house is so peaceful...  yet there is a missing piece of the puzzle.

What shall we do when the time comes when  they will have their own family  and live separately from us?

I  felt a sense of loneliness as I thought about it.

Ahhh.... that time will surely come and I  must be ready ....

This is a faithful saying indeed: love your children, spend many quality time with them, laugh and cry with

them, enjoy them, appreciate them while they are still with you. For how time flies and you will just miss them

too. Haaaayyyy...tiniguwang na gyud nia...LOL!



eikcaj said...

mushy kau papas ngeee...