Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Car Pal Indeed

Buying our first car is like an investment for me. I have to put my hard earned money on something that can benefit me, my family, my work and other things I enjoy in life. I am a hard working individual and oftentimes the demands on my work will bring me to travel long distances so that I must be sure that I can rely on my ride for those long travel hours without delays.

One experience I can’t forget was when a friend of mine who was a police officer got to travel for 6 long hours to attend a training for senior officers. He was driving his Ford Escort 96 model when halfway on his trip suddenly his engine overheated. He stopped by the road side and upon checking the engine, he noticed that his timing belt got busted and he’s nowhere on the road with no repair shop on sight! Whooaa! What’s worst when he finally got help and the car was towed to a car shop after 2 hours of waiting, the mechanic told him of a defected water pump that needs to be replaced then and there. He had to spend thousands of pesos for the replacement and the payment for the repair.

Indeed that’s one thing I don’t like to happen when on a very important appointment and suddenly my car breaks down. I’m glad I can rely on my repair pal. It is an independent, unbiased resource that gives me honest to goodness transparent price on my car’s parts, and expert information I need as to where and what’s the best car repair shop for me. That’s a no-nonsense service to all car owners out there. I recommended this to my friend and he’s one of the thousands of happy, satisfied customers today. Why don’t you try to visit theirsite and prove for yourself the honesty of this writing.