Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Make-Over

Of course, each person would want to have an appealing home that you can be proud of, a home that can attract guests and others. Lately, my wife and I discussed about some home renovation. We have been to my mom’s house 2 days ago and we were amazed to see her beautiful mural at her fence and service area. Look at the picture below. Isn’t it amazing? My mom did it for 2 days only.

Looking at her artworks encouraged us to have a make-over like repainting of our fence and exterior walling. My wife challenged me to do the some mural painting but until now I do not have the idea what to paint. Hmmm.. I can’t do that flowery thing... Lol! My wife got many things in mind like changing again the color of master’s bedroom from the existing cool green to peach.She has already bought curtains and bed sheets to match her desired new motif. She wanted a new Bedroom Furniture too! Waaahhh... I guess I need a bigger budget for this total home make-over!