Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Smartest Driver : Are you one of them?

What would it take to be the smartest driver around? Is it being able to drive smoothly through and high ways and by ways? Being able to drive with the lowest fuel consumption from start to finish? Being a defensive driver? If you think you have what it takes to be the icon of safety, efficiency, and total driving, then this one is for you…why not join Pilipinas Shell’s invitation for you to share your Fuel saving tips and search for the country’s smartest driver with the chance to join the Team Philippines in the first-ever Shell Eco-Marathon Asia!

This is an open invitation to all who have valid driver’s license here in the Philippines. Here are the simple ways to join this competition:
a. Shoot a video detailing how your driving techniques minimize your fuel consumption.
b. Close it by completing the catch phrase “Ang Pinoy na matipid sa gasolina, ____________.”
c. Then simply log onto and upload your fuel saving flick.

Your entry can be as simple but creative as you want. Entries should be submitted from May 20 to June 20. Easy isn’t it? Here are some other reasons why you should grab this opportunity and join this contest!

Every joining participant gets a premium item from Shell. Ten finalists will be awarded Php 10,000 worth of Shell fuel vouchers and gets the chance to be invited to a fuel economy boot camp on June 26. Participants of this training will go through one exciting driving challenge and the two most fuel efficient finalists will be awarded as the Philippine’s Smartest Drivers! Wow! That would be me….LOL.

Not only that, your trail to being a celebrity is just starting. July 8 to July 11 will be a very important date for the Boot camp winners for they will also get to join the Team Philippines from Mapua Institute of Technology, Don Bosco Technological College and the University of Santo Tomas in the first ever shell Eco-Marathon Asia in Malaysia. This is your time to shine!

If you think and believe you have all the qualification and you have what it takes to be the smartest driver around, then why not join?

P.S. Here's my simple tips to save fuel :
A. Have your ride a regular Chane oil * Tune up ( (Mine, every two months)
B. AIRCON USE: You can save on gas if on evening time or any cold weather, you turn off the air con and just enjoy the outside cold breeze.
C. Acceleration doesn't need to be abrupt and sudden.Drive smoothly even on traffic.
D. Don't waste time finding the nearest parking on congested area. You can still park a little farther from your destination and exercise by taking a walk, It's good for your health.