Monday, June 7, 2010

TCP :Swordfish

 No, don't bring your brain to watch this, but if you like techno-thrillers , definitely this si for you. John Travolta is the slimy villain, Hugh Jackman is the studly hero hacker, and Halle Berry is the mysterious damsel.


ACmomCee said...

hi there! dropping by here from TCP... Maybe hubby will like this movie... I'm gonna let him know about this... HERE'S MINE

Liz said...

I have seen this movie, but this is the kind of movie that you won't watch over and over again.

Mama Ko said...

I can't remember if I have seen this one yet, I think i did but i just forgot. Sounds like a good movie, I like John travoltas movie.

Naa ako diri silingan